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Companies receive lots of documents, in various formats, every single day. That’s why it’s vital to be able to integrate the information from these documents into the company’s internal systems. Capture data from different channels: paper, digital files, web forms, and printers, and import them into your digital file library.

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Bulk Import Tool

Import your data from other enterprise content management systems. Migrate entire file systems, move your electronic document library, or update from your legacy document system. Our bulk import tools allow you to quickly and easily migrate to Cirrus File Server.

Barcode Reading

Recognize barcodes and use them to automatically organize your files with the right document type, metadata, and location. Organize and file your documents automatically as they are added to your file system.
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Optical Character Recognition

Transforms your image documents and flat PDFs into text-searchable files by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Use this now searchable text to tag your documents with text metadata or filing.

Batch Editor App

Our easy to use stand-alone batch editing and indexing software can help you save time and money on the large scale processing of your documents without sacrificing in quality or locking you into a proprietary system.
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Browser Indexing

Index your documents for filing and edit your file system directly from your browser using our web interface. Combine, split, index, and add metadata directly from the web, using any device that has a web browser.

Quick Indexing

Create custom document profiles and use hotkeys and shortcuts to increase the speed and efficiency of how you index your documents. Save time during data entry & indexing tasks, increase efficiency, and lower labor tasks using our quick index technologies.
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