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Companies receive lots of documents, in various formats, every single day. That’s why it’s vital to be able to integrate the information from these documents into the company’s internal systems. Capture data from different channels: paper, digital files, web forms, and printers, and import them into your digital file library.

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Full API Stack

100% of system functions are exposed via APIs to enable seamless OEM Device, Application & Service integration, re-branding, and custom application scenarios as well as providing robust support for traditional Enterprise Application integrations.
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Read our developer documentation to help you get started with using the API to create your desktop/mobile/web app using our platform.
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Bring in the power of cloud storage, team file sharing, security, online editing, muti-device sync to your app.

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Feel free to get in touch with our support team to get a test API key to use in your development playground before you go live with your ideas.
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