Platform for Secure Sharing with Internal & External Collaborators

Unite your coworkers, suppliers, partners, and projects under a unified managed platform where you can easily manage your entire document lifecycle and business processes with your internal and external parties. Share and collaborate securely, quickly, and easily.

Share Documents

Easily Shareable

The key to effective collaboration is sharing your documents securely and conveniently with all team members. Avoid inbox restrictions and the lack of security associated with email attachments. With Cirrus File Server you can send a secure link for large files, with access controls and the confidence your file will never get rejected.

Lock Files

Prevent editing conflicts with colleagues who are trying to modify the same file. By locking files conflicting changes can be avoided and a canonical version of the file is always preserved. With an exclusive primary editor, collisions are avoided, and the team can discuss changes without disrupting one another.
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Storage & Capture

Approval Workflows

You can automate document workflow and approvals processes to direct them to users or user groups. Create rules to tag files and enable your staff to more quickly process information and control the flow of your data.

Digital Filing Cabinet

Create a digital file cabinet or document portal to share specific information with a group of users no matter where they are located. You can select particular types of documents or choose types of documents to be available in your virtual filing cabinet. Only users that are part of the group you define can access these documents.
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Activity Log

Automatic unlimited versioning of files so you can always roll back to a previous instance of a file. Activity logs allow users to view and track file activity and audit edits done by team members.

Alerts & Notifications

Notify users when watched files or folders are changed. Receive alerts when changes need to be approved. Configure notifications when you have pending workflows and processes.
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Comments & Annotations

Enable conversations around files by leaving virtual post-it notes for other logged-in users by means of comments and annotations. Log case notes, leave comments for collaborators, annotate files. Comment and annotate with our inline web interface.

Granular Permissions

Restrict access to files, folders, or document types based on an individual user or by user-group. Fine control over who can access what. Take control of your team or invite outside collaborators by granting them access to only the files they need to see.
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