Data Protection

Automatic Protection for Documents Stored

Automatic protection including redaction, file versioning, deletion protection, retention policies, endpoint backup, and remote wipe. With this protection level, organizations can confidently store and share their business-critical data in Cirrus File Server.

Share Documents

Document Redaction

Our inline redaction interface allows you to censor documents before sharing while still allowing access to the full document to authorized user groups. Protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and use it with the confidence that no sensitive data will leak with our built-in redaction tools.

File Versioning

Versioning for files and snapshots for folders allow you to always roll back to a previous state. Restore a file or folder to an old version with a simple click. Review the actions you have performed and easily keep track of changes made.
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Storage & Capture

Recycle Bin

Prevent users from accidentally deleting files by requiring double confirmation of removal in the recycle bin. Allow soft deleting of files with only those with specific permissions to truly delete a file.

Endpoint Backup

Encrypted and automatic backups of desktop and server endpoints to protect your vital company data. Our endpoint backup software allows you to automatically sync a desktop or server with your Cirrus File Server dynamic storage spaces.
Access Credentials
Access Credentials

Remote Wipe

Prevent unauthorized access by blocking access or if need be by revoking access keys or remotely wiping a device if it is ever lost or stolen. Protect your data integrity on all your managed device endpoints.

Data Retention

Maintain data compliance with flexible content policies. Create data retention policies based on folder, document type, based on your compliance needs. Easily create scheduled retention, archival, legal, and administrative holds.
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