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Companies receive lots of documents, in various formats, every single day. That’s why it’s vital to be able to integrate the information from these documents into the company’s internal systems. Capture data from different channels: paper, digital files, web forms, and printers, and import them into your digital file library.

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Mobile App Scan

Our mobile app allows your team to capture a document on the go from any internet-connected phone or tablet and securely submit the scanned files and import them into your existing Cirrus File Server document workflow.

Bulk Uploader App

Our Windows desktop application allows you to upload large amounts of files, sync folders, and even entire file systems to your Cirrus File Server storage spaces as either a one time task or as a regular operation.
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TWAIN Device Support

Used in combination with our bulk uploader Windows desktop app you can capture directly from a connected scanner or flatbed. Use your device’s default TWAIN driver and quickly add documents to Cirrus File Server.

Remote Scan Endpoint

You can set your Cirrus File Server as a remote endpoint for a variety of multifunction printers, scanners, and copiers that support this feature. Using remote scan features you can configure One-Button Scan to your Cirrus File Server.
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Access Credentials

Electronic Print Driver

Print directly into Cirrus File Server using your PDF print driver to capture, index, and store your documents electronically and automatically sync the “printed” PDF files to your Cirrus File System.

Web Forms

Create dynamically filled electronic documents directly from the web already filled with your customer’s information. Use web forms to create PDF from responses that integrate into your existing workflows.
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