Document Management

Store Your Documents in an Easy to Access Electronic Format

Document Management systems commonly provide storage, versioning, metadata, security, as well as indexing and retrieval capabilities. They help you organize both your paper and digital files in a central digital repository and generally include the following functions:

Storage & Capture

Storage & Capture

Accepts images and documents from a variety of sources including scanners, printers, apps, or web forms and store these documents in a central digital repository.

Access Control & Security

Control who has rights to access documents at the user or group level. Protect your confidential documents and ensure compliance with access control rules.
Access Credentials
Storage & Capture

Metadata, Indexing, & Retrieval

Metadata indexing allows for easy tracking and retrieval of specific data. Give document unique identifiers extracted from the document’s contents.

Metadata Import

Automatically use existing metadata. Search, categorize, and manage data based on the already embedded in your files.

Custom Metadata

Create your own custom metadata sets with your own names and attributes. Supports a wide variety of different data types.

Auto Tag Metadata

Use our workflow automation system to automatically apply metadata based on pre-defined variables and other workflows.

Full Text Search

Search not only document names and folders but the entire text of a document. Never lose a file again with our discoverability tools.

Distribution, Sharing, & Collaboration

Make files available to those that need them. Share any documents safely as needed. Collectively work on documents and increase productivity.
Access Credentials
Storage & Capture

Approval Workflows

Integrate your documents with other systems and improve your approval workflows with automated processes to improve collaboration.

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