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Platform for Secure Sharing with Internal & External Collaborators

Installed either on your own infrastructure or in our cloud, Cirrus File Server provides complete data ownership, control, and governance. It is a central place for your users to collaborate and share files internally and externally while empowering your staff to monitor and protect your company’s data.


A platform for Secure Sharing with Internal & External Collaborators
Unite your coworkers, suppliers, partners, and projects under a unified managed platform where you can easily manage your entire document lifecycle and business processes with your internal and external parties. Share and collaborate securely, quickly, and easily.

Secure File Sharing

Share Documents Safely & Securely Without Attachments
Share your documents with internal and external parties with the confidence they will be sent securely, quickly, and easily. Set your own security, collaborate with others, eliminate the need for email attachments, create document portals, and share a digital filing cabinet.

Document Management

Store Your Documents in an Easy to Access Electronic Format
Document Management systems commonly provide storage, versioning, metadata, security, as well as indexing and retrieval capabilities. They help you organize both your paper and digital files in a central digital repository and generally include the following functions: Storage, Capture, Metadata, Indexing, Retrieval, Distribution, and more.

Workflow Automation

Get Control of Content. Automate Business Processes.
Eliminate manual processes with Workflow Automation by enabling teams to automate repetitive tasks and business processes. Secure the flow of data and retire data according to your data retention policy. Streamline operation and reduce the need to manage your organization’s process needs.

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