Approval Workflows

Real Time Feedback & Document Approvals

Create a workflow and set deadlines for document approvals in Cirrus File Server so you can feel confident about getting your files finalized on time. Get feedback in real-time with support for in-line comments, annotations, and approvals.

Share Documents

Easily Share Files

Share your documents with internal and external parties with the confidence they will be sent securely, quickly, and easily. No downloads or plugins are neccisary.
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Keep Track of Edits

Make sure clients always receive the latest version of a file with the same link. Keep collaborators and clients on the same page with automatic versioning of all comments, edits, and approvals. 

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Comments & Annotations

Collaborators can highlight specific sections of your document and leave comments in-line. Log case notes, leave comments for collaborators, annotate files for approval. No need for ambiguous email chains.
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Deadlines & Reminders

Set workflows that include deadlines for approval, including email reminders for pending files so your staff always know where things stand and your files are always approved and finalized ina timely manner.

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Alerts & Notifications

Get notified when watched folders are changed. and files are pending approval. Configure notifications that can be received on either our desktop application or mobile app.

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