Audit Log

Tools & Logs For Monitoring Your System

Content audit trails are critical in regulated organizations, but they can also come in handy for any organization that has a need to track down specific content versions or changes. Unlike file systems or word processing files, all of this detailed information can be easily found in Cirrus File Server.

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User Access & Login Log

Complete access and login logs for each user. See where and when each user has logged in. Detect and stop brute force and library attacks on your users.
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Traffic Log & Analytics

Recording how much traffic is generated via sharing links and file-sharing functions. Guage the success of campaigns and find out more about your participants and audiences.
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File Access Log

See everyone who accesses a file. Log file access from syncing clients, mobiles clients, share links, and the Web interface.
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File Revision / Edit Log

Easily track file edits and modifications with a complete file revision history.
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Permission Log

Logs for file access permissions changes.

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