Data Retention & Lifecycle Management

Ensure Data Protection & Automate Regulation Compliance

Protect files from deletion with rules-based automatic file archiving and deletion to comply with policy and meet regulations. Develop and enforce a document lifecycle with Cirrus File Server. Additionally, all actions pertaining to files are logged and can be audited.

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Complete Lifecycle Management

Take control of your document lifecycle. Control all stages that a document goes through from its creation to its eventual archival or destruction. Proper procedures throughout the document’s lifecycle are an important part of enterprise content management. Define processes that help your organization obtain, organize, store and deliver information.
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Deletion Protection

Prevent users from accidentally deleting files by requiring double confirmation of removal in the recycle bin. Allow soft deleting of files with only those with specific permissions to truly delete a file. Optionally create policies to prevent deletion altogether for certain files, folders, or directories. All soft delete and true deletion actions are logged.
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Automatic Archival

Configure files to be kept only as long as they are in active use or keep files longer based on your industry or legal obligations. Archive and retain files based on their creation date. Optionally archived files can be backed up or recovered and this ability can be restricted based on user group.
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Scheduled Deletion

Create a retention schedule and configure the automatically delete files that may contain personal data. Reduce your exposure and potentially data liability by only keeping files as long as you are legally and operationally required to meet a number of different policies and regulations.
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Auditing & Logging

All actions pertaining to files, permissions, archival, and deletion are logged and can be audited and, if needed, be shared as required by GDPR and similar regulation. For more about compliance and security see our dedicated page.

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