Digital Filing Cabinet

A Simple Virtual Data Room For Confidential Files

Securely manage and share confidential files with online collaborators inside and outside of your organization using advanced security features such as watermarking, click trails and user-based permissions. A complete due diligence solution.

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Granular Permissions

Complete file access and permissions control on a per-user, per-group, per-folder, and guest level. Grant editing rights, view-only access, track downloads and even restrict printing and resharing. Unlimited view-only access for even users outside your organization.
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Click Trails & Access Logs

Get greater insight into how your data is being accessed with click trails and logging. You can see a timeline of user sessions, if a file has been accessed yet, and how much time is spent on each document.
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Advanced Security

Comes with all the advanced security features of the Cirrus Security Platform including standards-compliant encryption at all stages, two-factor authentication, CAPTCHA integration, and single-sign-on options.
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Secure Watermarking

Protect confidential documents and data with dynamic watermarking that imprints unique user information on every file viewed or downloaded. With watermarks not easily stripped from a document, it deters users from unauthorized sharing or screenshots of confidential documents.
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Analytics & Reporting

Analytics helps you keep track of the usage and activity of all your files. Track things like views, downloads, most viewed documents, longest viewed documents, and document searches. The reporting allows for audit trails on all-access, data permissions, and messaging.

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