Document Profiling & Metadata

Improve the Accessibility of Your Documents with Metadata

Apart from just file names, descriptions, dates, and other default attributes CirrusFileServer allows you to set custom index fields for documents for easy categorization and search. This adds valuable information to any document for a quick overview of the type of documents and its contents.

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Document Tagging

Tag all documents and folders with custom values for easy identification. Create index fields with free text (user input), dates, and predefined drop-down lists. Define validation rules for index values to ensure the correct format of data. Make index values mandatory to reduce human errors and maintain consistent document profiling.
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Metadata Import

Automatically use existing metadata. Search, categorize, and manage data based on the already embedded in your files. Link index values to items in other databases like CRM, Accounting, etc.
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Auto Tag Metadata

Inherit index values from the parent folder. Use our workflow automation system to automatically apply metadata based on pre-defined variables and other workflows.
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Mandatory Document Profiling

You can make it mandatory to assign a value to any index field so that index values cannot be kept empty when importing documents into CirrusFileServer. This ensures all your users strictly adhere to your storage policy resulting in consistent profiling throughout the repository.
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Full Text Search

Note just metadata. Beyond just using index fields for documents for easy categorization and search you can search the entire text of a document. Never lose a file again with our discoverability tools.

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