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The fastest, most efficient way to get a digital document signed. E-signature is a UETA/ESIGN compliant legally binding document signing system similar to DocuSign, Hello Sign, and others you already know but fully integrated into Cirrus File Server so you can send, sign, and store all in one place.

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Document Signing

Easily sign and distribute documents using email or private share links. Access all of your documents (and your client documents) using the Cirrus File Server interface. No need for downloads, plugins, or extra hassles.
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Mistake-Proof Signing

Our e-signature tool is built to reduce document errors and offer the best user experience possible. It guides your signer through the document in a step-by-step process and follows up for you with configurable alerts so both you and the recipient know when something needs to be signed.
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Unlimited Documents

Easily sign and store unlimited documents, contracts, proposals, estimates with no limit. Unlimited means exactly that. Unlimited.
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Unlimited Signers

Some document signing platforms like knocking you down with limitations. Not us. You get unlimited signers on all of your documents.
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Audit Trail

eSignature generates a detailed audit report for every signed document. Each audit report includes viewer details, IP addresses, document analytics, document id# and itemized signer history.
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File Server Integration

Signed versions of files are automatically returned to your Cirrus File Server repository, either to your inbox or a specific folder that you choose. No need to worry about organizing signatures once recieved.

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