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Easily Share Filles with Cirrus File Server

Supports all kinds of large media files including CAD drawings, video files, or graphics-heavy reports. Easily share with co-workers or friends where recipients will be able to preview and download your file even if they do not have an account.

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Built-in Document Previewer

File recipients can preview and inspect files before downloading even if they do not have the associated app installed. Our document previewer supports dozens of file types making it easy to share and convenient for your recipients to view and receive shared files.
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Files Big or Small

Create a link to share large file types up to 100 GB in size to anyone on any device. Supports HD video, RAW camera output, CAD drawings, large-format scans, to ordinary text documents and reports.
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Send Files Securely

You can password-protect a share link, set a time for the link to expire, restrict to specific user groups, and/or give recipients the ability to edit shared files.
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Digital Filing Cabinet

keep your team organized by bringing your content together with Digital Filing Cabinet. Share entire projects full of large files with partners & clients.
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Analytics & Reporting

Analytics helps you keep track of the usage and activity of all your files. Track how your share links are performing, if they have been downloaded, and who has been using your share links.

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