File Versioning

Easily Keep Track of all Your Activities

Versioning for files and snapshots for folders allow you to always roll back to a previous state. Restore a file or folder to an old version with a simple click. Review the actions you have performed and easily keep track of changes made by yourself or collaborators. Snapshot for folders can help protect files against ransomware.

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File Revisions

Keep track of the changes made to specific files and restore previous versions as necessary. Useful for collaborative / team environments to review edits or return accidentally overwritten files.
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Folder Snapshots

Helps you go back in time and see all of the previous versions of a folder. Useful as a method of protecting against ransomware or preventing the accidental deletion of folders.
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Extended File History

All the changes to your files and folders are recorded to an extended log allowing you to review the activity of all your users for compliance or security purposes. Easily restore revisions or snapshots as available.
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Efficient & Customizable

Using data duplication file versions & folder snapshots are kept in an efficient way but revision retention can be customized to fit your needs & storage availability.

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