Notifications & Alerts

Keep Informed of Big & Small Changes

Stay up to date on changes happening in your document management system. Get notified when important work-related documents are uploaded, when confidential files need addressing, or your approval workflows need action taken. Configure customizable alerts to monitor security changes, file deletion, document routing, snd other options.

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Subscribe to Events

Monitor events and workflows to send alerts that notify users about new workflow tasks or changes made to current tasks. Get reminders for your pending approval workflows or files submitted via web form.

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Monitor Files & Folders

When you subscribe to file or folder events Cirrus File Server alerts you by sending an email and app notification informing you about all changes happening in your folders of interest.
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Monitor Security

Configure alerts to monitor security. Monitor file deletion, changes to the policy, and policy or profile changes. Administrators can set system alerts for various server-side activities.
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Configure Contact Frequency

Don’t get overloaded by alerts. Cut through the chaff with the ability to set notification frequency. Get notified immediately, in batches, or configure a daily or weekly digest summary report.

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Email Alerts

Receive an email when there are changes to documents or folders important to you. You can set your own alerts on what activities you want to track along with email frequency, summary, and reporting settings.
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App Notifications

Receive push notifications on your mobile phone with our mobile applications for Android and iOS. If you have our desktop application you can configure desktop notifications as well. Recieve notifications on-the-go or at your desktop, across a variety of platforms.

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