Secure File Sharing

Share Documents Safely & Securely Without Attachments

Share your documents with internal and external parties with the confidence they will be sent securely, quickly, and easily. Set your own security, collaborate with others, eliminate the need for email attachments, create document portals, and share a digital filing cabinet.

Share Documents

Eliminate Email Attachments

The key to effective collaboration is sharing your documents securely and conveniently with all team members. Emailing large attachments can cause problems for businesses with unreliable transmission due to inbox restrictions and the lack of security while the information is being transmitted. Instead, end a secure link via email to share large files, securely, with confidence that everyone can download it.

Types of Document Links

A public link can be downloaded by anyone that has the unique URL to your document.
A private link requires the viewer to have a username & password authorized to view the document.
A password-protected link is a public link unique URL, further protected by a password.
Optional: Links can be set to expire for time-sensitive information.
Access Credentials
Storage & Capture

Digital Filing Cabinet

Create a digital file cabinet or document portal to share specific information with a group of users no matter where they are located. You can select particular types of documents or choose types of documents to be available in your virtual filing cabinet. Only users that are part of the group you define can access these documents.

Document Previewer

Shared files can be previewed directly in your browser. With our document previewed recipient will know what is being shared before needing to ever download it. Support for a wide variety of file types.
Access Credentials
Access Credentials

Electronic Fax

Fax documents directly from your online filing cabinet with the Cirrus File Server eFax integration. No need to print before faxing. Simply enter the recipient’s information, create an optional cover sheet, and hit send. You can select specific pages, send entire documents, include a cover page or message with your fax.

Platform Security

Users and external contacts that don’t have access to Cirrus File Server directly can still participate in collaborations. Role-based user and group access rights based on metadata can be specified. This ensures that only the people you intend can access your files or archives.
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