Platform for Construction & Engineering Collaboration

Enable collaboration and data security while reducing overhead costs and allowing real-time access to drawings, schematics, and designs. Large engineering projects tend to be big, complex, and fragmented with a variety of paper and digital documents being involved. Properly organizing all information helps keep your construction projects safe, on time, and within budget.

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Support for Large CAD/CAM Files

Easily sync and share large files including CAD/CAM files, photos, contacts, and other digital documents anywhere, at any time, from almost any device. Eliminate the need for email attachments and send large files with confidence that it will be delivered reliably and securely with a variety of privacy and security options.

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Any Time or Place, With or Without Wifi

From your office or mobile devices in the field, you can collaborate with team members locally or on-site with real-time access drawings, schematics, and designs no matter where they are at. Do not let limited job site wifi restrict productivity. By enabling syncing to laptops or mobile devices for offline access you no longer have to worry about spotty networking preventing access to critical files.

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Streamline Project Management

Our technology makes it easier to address changes to drawings, specs, purchase orders from various departments and locations. Sync your files reliably with the latest versions being all locations, avoiding causes of potential rework. Improve productivity with our collaboration tools, custom metadata, and automation workflows to save countless hours on projects.

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Find What You Need

Save time that’s wasted on searching for necessary files and documents with Cirrus File Server’s capabilities to search multiple repositories, custom metadata fields, and OCR text recognition, all from one unified platform. When files need your attention you can configure automatic notifications and alerts.

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Get Rid of Paper

Manual paper-based processes can be slow and cumbersome. Reclaim physical space lost to physical storage and recover the costs of physical archiving including printing, copying, and shipping paper documents.

Cirrus File Server Benefits

  • Easily share relevant files with subcontractors.
  • Improve project management workflows with automation.
  • Effectively manage bid requests with forms and approval processes.
  • Sync files for offline viewing in case of unreliable connectivity.
  • Go paperless and reduce environmental footprint through digitization.
  • Eliminate the cost, risk, and delay of shipping hard-copy records.
  • Eliminate storage overhead of file cabinets and off-site facilities.

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