Make Managing Student Files Easy

Move from paper to electronic student files to give time back to your admin teams and increase efficiency across the entire office. Cirrus File Server helps school districts, colleges, and other educational institutions streamline operations and collaborate more effectively. Automate admissions, financial aid, and registration processes so you can spend more time with your students and faculty.

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Web Forms & Automation

Streamline admissions, financial aid, registration, learning, grading, and development processes using a combination of web forms, workflow automation, and approvals processes to better manage and gather student information. Using our web builder you can create specialized workflows for your student’s unique needs.

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Never Loose A Student Record

Sometimes finding the right student record may seem impossible. What department was it filed under? Who edited it last? Where was it saved? None of this matters anymore. Cirrus File Server eliminates the complexities of traditional folder-based file systems by organizing your data based on its content and metadata, so you can easily find the records you need, without ever needing to know where or how it was filed.

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Supporting Sharing & Collaboration

Enable your staff and students to work together with our document sharing and collaboration features. With support for secure sharing, large files, and preview links you can eliminate the need for email attachments. Cirrus File Server optimize teamwork so everything remains streamlined and organized no matter where your team or students are located, on-campus, a satellite facility, or simply collaborating online.

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Access From Any Device

Review policies, view lesson plans, preview records, and manage approval tasks from almost any device with a web browser be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or thin device. Using our mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android you can even scan documents no matter your location on any supported device.

Cirrus File Server Benefits

  • Improving administrative tasks with workflow automation
  • Reduced costs for maintaining a physical filing infrastructure
  • Enable admin access according to policies and guidelines
  • Increase support for online classes / remote work
  • Support for complex records and high volumes of data per student
  • Increased data security, protection from potential breaches
  • Easy access to data for back-office processes such as HR and accounting

Education Solutions

Student Registration, Onboarding

Student Records

Assignments, Grading

Student & parent processes with Web Forms

Individualized Education Program (IEP)


Accounts Payable

Human Resources

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