Enabling Collaboative and Compliant Care

Operational efficiency is essential during a time of rising medical costs and more complex regulatory compliance requirements. Cirrus File Server enables healthcare organizations to collaborate effortlessly from a secure digital space. Get access to lab results, scans, and other patient data all while maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

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Health Information Management

Electronic Health / Medical Records (EMR/EHR) have been mandated to replace traditional medical records. They transform healthcare by allowing instant access to current and accurate patient medication across multiple practices and health care providers. Cirrus File Server makes managing health information and electronic documents easy with one, always up-to-date, synced copy of every file.
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Protect Patient Information

Make patient information accessible to specific people within your organization while protecting patient confidentiality. Cirrus File Server has extensive data protection, permission management, and data security that ensures confidentially while maintaining accessibility for those requiring access to information.

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Achieve Regulatory Compliance

It is important for healthcare organizations to manage regulatory risk. We can help you stay compliant with strict mandates for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). Cirrus File Server meets the requirements of Healthcare organizations by providing encryption at all stages, detailed activity logs, powerful admin tools, device management, and single sign-on capabilities.

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Dicom Images Support

Our built-in image previewer supports the healthcare industry-standard DICOM (.dcm) medical files commonly used for x-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds, MRIs, and more. Cirrus File Server allows you to store, preview, and view all common medical file formats.

Cirrus File Server Benefits

  • Improving patient treatment by leveraging electronic health records
  • Mitigating risk &comply with healthcare data security reforms
  • Enable clinician access according to policies and guidelines
  • Increase support for clinician mobility
  • Support for complex records and high volumes of data per patient
  • Increased data security, protection from potential breaches
  • Easy access to data for back-office processes such as billing and coding

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