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Enterprise Document Management for Small Businesses

The business world is rapidly evolving, with new technology and software available daily to make your company’s operations more streamlined and effective. With Cirrus File Server you can easily collaborate, manage all your content, and streamline business processes. Work in real-time with clients, colleagues, and vendors no matter where they are located. Share confidently so you can react quickly and focus on delivering your best work.

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Streamline Project Management

Our technology makes it easier to address changes to design files, workbooks, and projects from various departments and locations. Sync your files reliably with the latest versions being all locations, avoiding causes of potential rework. Improve productivity with our collaboration toolscustom metadata, and automation workflows to save countless hours on projects.

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Collaborate From Anywhere, At Any Time

Enable your staff and contractors to work together with our document sharing and collaboration features that simplify the storing, editing, and sharing of files across offices, without file versioning or access issues. Use Cirrus File Server to optimize teamwork so everything remains streamlined and organized no matter where your team and clients are located, on-campus, a satellite facility, from  home or simply working together online.

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Protect Client Information

Make client information accessible to specific people within your organization while protecting confidentiality. With marketing dollars on the line, project security is essential. Cirrus File Server has data protectionpermission management, and data security that ensures end-to-end security with enterprise-grade control, maintaining accessibility for those requiring access to information.

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Access From Any Device

Review policies, preview records, capture documents, and manage approval tasks from almost any device with a web browser be it a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, or thin device. Using our mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android you can even scan documents no matter your location on any supported device.

Cirrus File Server Benefits

  • Quickly share large files such as images, videos, and design documents with clients.
  • Route project files to the appropriate person or department for review and approval.
  • Effectively manage client relationships with unified access to client documents.
  • Eliminate unreliable email attachments and enable the sharing of large files.
  • Collaborate with a global team while maintaining file integrity and versioning.
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of all client files with advanced permissions.

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