Information on Logistics & Distribution Channels

When you deal with purchasing, shipping, and receiving it is important to enabling access to the critical business files from across your organization. Cirrus File Server keeps all your documents organized for freight, transportation, distribution, purchasing, and logistics so your teams are always prepared for their next restock or delivery. It empowers business with a nationwide digital infrastructure where your important document such as shipping manifests & bills of landing can be accessed online, securely, from anywhere, at any time.

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Quickly Record Invoices & Manifests

Capture paper and electronic invoices from your computer, mobile device, desktop scanner, multifunction printer or copier, or electronic print driver and import them into our unified file system. Tag them with metadata to match them with purchase orders, shipping manifests, or bills of landing. Get rid of invoice handling, reduce paper, avoid clerical errors, eliminate manual entry, and develop custom workflows to streamline the approval process.

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Enhanced Document Retrieval

Your staff can access the documents needed for distribution and logistics from anywhere, at any time. Cirrus File Server puts your files a simple click away organizing it with metadata, enabling full-text search, and making it easy to share between central office, manufacturing, warehouse, distribution team, and other departments. Easily find files with custom metadata like invoice number, client, vendor, document type, date, or other identifiers.

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Enable Anywhere Access & Upload

Easily scan or upload documents to share between your drivers and the main office. Logistics departments in the home office can add bills of lading, invoices, job tickets, and other documents no matter what format they’re in. Agents in the field can add documents to your file system no matter where they are at using the Cirrus File Server mobile app for Apple iOS and Android.
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Get Rid of Paper

Manual paper-based processes can be slow and cumbersome. Reclaim physical space lost to physical storage and recover the costs of physical archiving including printing, copying, and shipping paper documents. Reduce your environmental impact by getting rid of paper and using Cirrus File Server to implement all-digital workflows.

Cirrus File Server Benefits

  • Capture invoices from a variety of sources including mail, fax, email, multifunction printers & copiers.
  • Route invoices to the appropriate person or department for review and approval.
  • Effectively manage vendor relationships with unified access to vendor documents.
  • Go paperless and reduce environmental footprint through digitization.
  • Eliminate the cost, risk, and delay of shipping hard-copy invoices.
  • Eliminate storage overhead of file cabinets and off-site facilities.

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