Productivity and efficiency, no matter where.

Future-proof your business by enabling a flexible working environment for your team with secure access and minimal risk with Cirrus File Server.

The everywhere enterprise content management system.

Your business happens in the office, on the road, in the home. Cirrus File Server allows you to effortlessly share and secure your information between all your staff, no matter the place, device, or time. We can improve productivity throughout your business, wherever you conduct your business.

Cirrus File Server

Run your own private cloud document management system. Integrate with your existing storage, file system, and IT infrastructure.
Your Hardware
Enables Remote Access
Data Stays On Premises

Cirrus Cloud Server

Use Cirrus Cloud’s high availability infrastructure as your File Server. A fully-managed cloud-hosted solution with plug-and-play extensible resources.
Our Hardware
Unlimited Users
Low Deployment Costs

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Cirrus Files Server is your secure framework for private cloud file sharing

Cirrus File Server has the security of enterprise file sharing with the ease of use of a consumer product. Maintain control of your data with our Private Cloud technology that allows you to use your own data center to hour your files. CFS offers unsurpassed security, transparency, and control while having the flexibility to be integrated into your existing environment. Enable your users to access company files quickly and easily from anywhere, on any device, increasing productivity and enabling remote work.

Content Automation

Automate manual workflows and allow employees to work more productively. Find and manage business-critical documents and information.

On Premise Solution

Managed in your data center, with your policies, and your procedures. Your files and encryption keys never leave the premises.

Enterprise Extendable

Private cloud security with public cloud extensibility. Manage, control, and audit your activity to ensure security, and achieve compliance.

Compliance as a Core Competency

Designed with compliance in mind. We give you control over your hosting, data policy, enforcement, users, auditing, encryption, and retention.




Made for your business

Our advanced APIs allow you to easily add integrations and extend core functionality to meet your company’s specific use case and needs. From enterprise directories, SharePoint, and network drives, Cirrus File Server allows your existing data to stay where it lives while providing secure access to users, across all devices via your own private cloud.

Cirrus File Server Features

Deployment options including cloud, on-premises and hybrid let you manage your document infrastructure to suite your need.


Platform for Secure Sharing with Internal & External Collaborators

Secure File Sharing

Share Documents Safely & Securely Without Attachments.

Security Platform

Multi-Layers of Protection: Discover, Analyze, & Protect Sensitive Data.

Document Capture

Mobile Application Scan & Bulk Uploader App with TWAIN Device Support.

Document Management

Store Your Documents in an Easy to Access Electronic Format

Workflow Automation

Get Control of Content. Automate Repetitive Taks & Business Processes.

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